Opportunities to Connect & Reflect

The Gutmann team of RAs, faculty, and staff is excited to work with residents to establish a strong community and participate in activities that help us get to know each other, share our experiences, and grow individually and as a house.

Throughout the year, we encourage residents to join us in a variety of activities. Together, we will shape our house into a vibrant home-away-from-home.

We Create by applying and implementing practices that help us think about new ideas and put them to action.

We Engage by learning about local and global community needs and contributing to meaningful partnerships to support efforts to address those needs.

We Care by participating in an affirming process of decision-making that supports our our growth and development along eight dimensions of wellness: personal, emotional, occupational, spiritual, intellectual, physical, financial, and environmental.

We Belong by creating and promoting communities that honor our social and cultural identities and encourages a sense of being a valued part of the house.