Work Study Positions

Gutmann College House Manager

The Gutmann College House Manager is integral to supporting Gutmann programming and traditions while helping to create a vibrant house community. The House Managers are responsible for supporting all aspects of programming in Gutmann College House.

Terms of Appointment:

  • 8-12 hours per week, with at least 2 hours a week working in the House Office. Includes some evening/weekend hours.
  • Attend weekly manager meetings with the Gutmann house administration.
  • Managers will be required to move into their Gutmann assignments by August 23, 2023. Mandatory House Manager training will begin August 24, 2022.


  • By start date, the Gutmann House Manager must be a full-time student at the University of Pennsylvania and resident of Gutmann College House for the 2022-2023 academic year in good standing with the University and within the College House system.

General Expectations:

  • Inventory House programming supplies and assets
  • Host office hours in the Gutmann House Office at least once a week
  • Develop budget with House Manager funds for program initiatives in the house.
  • Reconcile purchases made with student program card in a timely fashion in accordance with university policy.
  • Understand and utilize the Gutmann House website as appropriate.
  • Manage Gutmann’s social media presence, and creatively facilitate engagement among residents.
  • Be present and have an active role during move-in, Gutmann Welcome Week, and Winter Welcome.
  • Manage reservation requests and implement training and education for groups using the Gutmann reservation process.

Auxiliary Roles:

Gutmann House Mangers are divided into two roles that work to support the house through specific areas. In addition to shared managerial responsibilities, Gutmann House Managers are expected to fulfill one of the following auxiliary responsibilities.

  • Administrative Manager Responsibilities
    • Inventory house supplies and consumable items
    • Maintain and manage house Loan Library
    • Ensure house events and room reservation calendar is up to date
    • Assist with the coordination of Gutmann Senior Staff programming.
    • Create promotional flyers as assigned by GCH House Coordinator
    • Maintain and update display spaces in Gutmann.
    • Keep house office and storage organized
    • Maintain seasonal decorations in the house office and throughout GCH 
  • Program Manager Responsibilities
    • Coordinate and lead signature programming efforts for Gutmann College House. These include at least six Bingo Nights and House Dinners a year
    • Create and lead student committees for planning the following signature annual GCH events: Fall Orchard Event, Spookyfest/Halloween Party, Golden Hour, Superbowl, Black History Month, Sunset Celebration
    • Create new traditions and events to promote community building in GCH
    • Acts as a liaison for the Gutmann House Office with student organizations looking to collaborate on house events.
    • Document Gutmann house programs and events for posting on social media
    • Support collaborative programming between Gutmann and campus partners

Position Benefits

There are several personal and leadership benefits to serving as a House Manager in Gutmann College House. Gutmann House Managers will:

  • Can have a lasting effect on the experience and communities of Gutmann residents.
  • Enhance leadership skills and ability to work in a team-focused environment.
  • Build upon your resume!
  • Connect and build meaningful mentoring relationships with faculty and students on campus and other student leaders.
  • Engage in critical thinking and communication skills.