Facilities Help

Having trouble with your thermostat? Did a light bulb go out?  Is your sink leaking?  All facilities issues can be reported through the AIM reporting system. 

Requesting routine repairs

  1. Access the work order website (AIM) at: www.collegehouses.upenn.edu/request. This site is designed to be used either from a desktop or via a smartphone or tablet.
  2. Select "Enter New Work Request".
  3. Enter your contact information in the provided spaces.
  4.  Now you need to select your building.  It's going to want a building code.  If you don't know your building code (and we hope you don't have to do this often enough to have it memorized) you'll need to look it up. To do this, click the arrow next to the box asking for your building code.
  5. Type the name of your College House into the "Building" search box, and select "Search".
  6. Select the building code that matches your House, and you will be returned to the form with the correct building code filled in.
  7. Fill in the "Floor" and "Location" fields, clicking on the arrows next to the entry box if you need help finding the available floors and locations.
  8. To fill in the problem code corresponding to the issue you need resolved, click on the arrow next to that field and select the appropriate code from the following page.
  9. Click on the arrow next to "Problem Details" to fill in the specifics of the issue you need resolved.  Answer the questions on the next page as completely as possible.  Pretend we're shining a bright light in your eyes, and demanding you answer our questions.  If you talk, we promise you won't have to fill out a confusing form like this ever again (or at least not until your next maintenance request.) When you're done, click "Save" to return to the main form.
  10. When you return to the New Work Request Form, enter a brief description/title of the problem in the appropriate box, and clarify on the next space if needed.
  11. Leave the "Account" space blank.  Don't even put in dashes.  This application doesn't deserve any.
  12. When you've finished the form, click "Save" to submit your request to the Maintenance personnel.  
  13. Await the resolution of your issue.  Contact your Info Center and Residential Services Manager for follow up on initial requests.

    When submitting a work ticket in AIM, you will be directed to include a cell phone number.

When the trades staff arrives at the Info Center, an RSM or Guard will call the room and let you know that FRES (or ISC/another service provider) is there to make repairs.

Assuming you do not ask the service provider to come back later, the service provider can then go up to your room.  Access can provided on cards to ensure the service provider can enter the room.

Note that the service provider should honor the request to come back later unless the situation is a true emergency (threat to health or safety of residents or an event that threatens University or personal property).  When possible, the service provider should try to work out that return day/time with you.

Service provider will “knock, announce themselves, and pause” three times before entering.  On the last knock, they should announce they are entering the space.

Service provider will leave a notice of entry at the conclusion of the work.

In case of emergencies

Emergency facilities issues needing immediate attention should be called into Facilities directly at 215-898-7208.  This number is available 24/7 and is only for true emergencies.