Available Spaces

The Gutmann College House Office is committed to creating an environment where students feel supported as they organize and collaborate with peers in addition to the campus community. The Gutmann House Office manages several reservable spaces that exist to further the values of education, community, and connection.


 Below is a breakdown of the spaces available in Gutmann College House. They are designated into the following catagories:

Open Spaces- these are rooms are free to use on a first come first serve basis. No reservation is needed. The Gutmann College House Team may reserve these spaces for house events. Residents  should consult the reservation calendar before using a space. 

Standard Reservations- these rooms may only be reserved by Gutmann College House residents. To make a reservation you will log into the house website with your PennKey and navigate to the calendar. Click "add Room Reservation".

Special Reservations- this space is for large scale events that are open to all Gutmann Residents and free of charge. Gutmann College House residents who wish to reserve this space must fill out the form on our website. Campus Partners can also request this space. 

Room Catagory
Multipurpose Room 101 Special
Gutmann Living Room 114 Open
Gutmann Courtyard Open
Main Club Room 260 Standard
Classroom 208 Standard
Seminar Room 209 Standard
Wellness Room 210 Standard
Music Room 213 Standard
Music Room 214 Standard
Group Study Rooms (230, 233, 332, 430, 431, 432, 532) Open
Kitchen/Club Room 360 Open
Kitchen/Club Room 433 Open
Kitchen/Club Room 560 Open
Kitchen/Club Room 732/733 Open
Kitchen/Club Room 932/933 Open
Kitchen/Club Room 1132/1133 Open
Kitchen/Club Room 1332/1333 Open