Common Space, Laundry, & Kitchen Use Policy

Space Use Guidelines:

  • The person submitting the reservation must be the person gaining access to the space at the Information Center, unless otherwise noted in the reservation request.
  • The individual reserving the space is responsible for ensuring that the space is left in the same condition in which it was found at the start of the reservation.
  • The individual reserving the space is responsible for providing their own cords and laptop/device to connect to projector and/or speakers.
  • Dry erase boards must be cleaned by the conclusion of the reservation. Notes may not be saved on the dry erase boards.
  • Students provide their own dry erase markers to use on the dry erase boards/whiteboards.
  • Trash and recycling must be removed and placed in appropriate receptacles by the end of the reservation.
  • All personal items should be removed at the end of the reservation.
  • Noise levels should comply with Quiet Hours. Courtesy Hours are in effect at all times.
  • Rooms should not be left unattended during the reservation.
  • In compliance with CHAS residential policies and procedures, alcohol is not permitted to be served at events in Gutmann.
  • In compliance with CHAS residential policies, some items are prohibited from Gutmann events, including candles and incense. Special exceptions can be made through the House Office for religious or cultural observations.
  • Non-spiked tents are permitted in outdoor green spaces. Spiking is not permitted unless approved by House Office.

Kitchen Use Guidelines:

  • The use of alcohol in common areas is not permitted; alcohol should not be stored in community kitchen refrigerators. Any alcohol found in community kitchens will be discarded.
  • Trash and food waste should be discarded in the appropriate receptacle at the conclusion of use. Waste should not be left in the sink.
  • Solid food waste should not be poured down the drain.
  • The kitchen should be cleaned at the conclusion of the reservation. The individual who reserved the space is responsible for ensuring the following:
    • Stovetop and countertops wiped down
    • Dishes, pots, pans and utensils should be washed and dried. Gutmann-owned items should be put away and personal belongings should be removed.
    • If you use the dishwasher, you need to wait until the end of the cycle to empty the dishwasher and put items away.
    • Items should not be left on the counter to dry.
  • All belongings should be removed at the conclusion of the reservation.
  • Health and Safety precautions should be taken at all times when using the kitchen- do not leave the oven or microwave on and unattended.
  • Items placed in the refrigerator/freezer should be labeled with the name and event associated with their owner. Anything not labeled or claimed may be discarded.
  • The refrigerator is intended for short-term use only. Gutmann staff will clean out the refrigerator on a weekly basis and remove items.

Laundry Guidelines:

  • Laundry rooms are for resident use only; keep entrance door closed at all times. Non-residents found using House laundry rooms could be fined up to $250 or be banned from the House for the duration of the academic year.
  • If a machine is not working properly, report the issue to the Information Center.
  • Observe the signs posted in the laundry room for appropriate use of the washing machines. use only the amount of detergent instructed in the signage.
  • While on the Penn network, residents can monitor their laundry’s progress either in person or online by visiting the Wash Alert page for their House at this link(link is external).
  • Remove all clothes from washers and dryers as soon as they are finished. Clothing left in machines may be removed by residents or staff. The House is not responsible for these items.
  • Clothing left for an unreasonable amount of time (ten days or more) may be confiscated by the House and donated to charity.

For more information, see Residential Services Laundry Page(link is external).